Episode 24

February 09, 2023


The Sunless Citadel | D&D Actual Play Podcast | Episode 24 "Sorrowful Fate"

Hosted by

Katya Hvostova Woodrow Skikavich Louay Attia Ash Wallace Pedro Stockler
The Sunless Citadel | D&D Actual Play Podcast | Episode 24 "Sorrowful Fate"
The Storytellers Tavern
The Sunless Citadel | D&D Actual Play Podcast | Episode 24 "Sorrowful Fate"

Feb 09 2023 | 00:46:17


Show Notes

Roll for initiative! The battle against the white wyrm, Calcryx has begun! As our adventurers ready themselves for the dragon’s attacks, Methuselah struggles to contain the rising shadows within him, as his desire to protect his friends darkens. Upon seeing their little friend die by the dragon’s maw, Thorn runs from the fight, haunted by unsavoury memories of the past. Finally, Seeker and Mortis stand their ground with the bard. Will our adventurers survive being down one member? Or will dragon fire of the old empire consume them?

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